7 Tourist Destinations You Must Not Miss When Visiting Phoenix

PhoenixAh, tourists. When you finally arrive in Phoenix, you’re going to have a hard time pointing out a tourist at any given cultural center, museum or teacher and that’s because everyone is wearing shorts and T-shirts, but also taking pictures of everything that moves. Phoenix is an amazing city to visit and there are many great places where you can take your family with you. However, if you want to experience the best Phoenix has to offer, then make sure to check out these incredible places.


consantiIf luxury is what draws you to Phoenix, then Cosanti is an excellent portrayal of it. This is a Zen nature and arts compound located in the heart of Paradise Valley and it features numerous Soleri Wind Bells, but also garden walkways, artist studious and several eco friendly buildings. If you’re curious about what the name of the place actually means, well, Cosanti is basically a combination of 2 Italian words, including cosa (which means “things”) and anti (which translates into “against).


What Is There To Do and See When Exploring The Barringer Crater?

barringer craterLocated in the AZ desert, the Barringer Crater is regarded as the archetypal meteorite crater on Earth. In fact, this is the only crater of its kind that looks exactly like the craters found on the moon and given the fact that it’s so dramatic, it’s become one of the most popular places on Earth where people can see in person how powerful and cataclysmic meteorite impacts can be.

What is there to see?


A List Of The Top Attractions And Things To Do At Canyon De Chelly

Canyon de Chelly housesKnown for its abrupt canyon walls dotted with countless pueblo ruins and greenery, the Chelly Canyon is the portrait of probably the longest inhabited landscape in N. America. Rock imagery, artifacts, but also impressive architecture are all greatly preserved, offering visitors a glimpse into the lives of the canyon’s first inhabitants. Visiting this place is an experience you’ll never forget and there are many things you can do here, as we’re going to see below.


Experience The Best Of Sedona By Visiting These Amazing Tourist Attractions

sedona azSedona is an amazing tourist destination that’s known worldwide for its unreal and colorful rock formations which can be explored either via hiking or jeep tours. When coming here, you’ll certainly hear about the 5 vortexes, which are basically areas in the red rocks that supposedly have an increased magnetic and electric energy which imbues euphoric and calming feelings in anyone who visits the place.

The petroglyphs and stone ruins that were left behind by the Sinagua people prove that the Anglos were definitely not the first to settle her in eighteen seventy six. While people coming here love to visit the art galleries in the city and shop in the various local boutiques here, there are of many other places you can enjoy when coming to Sedona, as following.


Top 5 Best Restaurants in Arizona

chimichangasArizona is probably one of the best places on earth where you can enjoy some of the best foods you’ll ever have. While sometimes you may need a good restaurant in order to impress your date, there are times when you just want to go to the best possible restaurants you can afford and try the best dishes they have, just so you can experience for yourself how delicious the finest foods in Arizona really are. Therefore, if you’re visiting for the day or get to spend more time here, then it’s certainly recommended that you check out the following AZ restaurants.


Fun Things To Do When Visiting The Montezuma Castle in Arizona

montezuma castleThe Montezuma Castle is a perfect depiction of the ardor to survive of the people in Verde Valley who lived here more than one thousand years ago. The castle is in itself a breathtaking work of art for which you need to dedicate 1h of your time in order to not only properly explore the museum, but also roam the trails through a wonderful sycamore grove that lies at the base of the imposing limestone cliffs.


Top things to do and see when visiting the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon SunThe Grand Canyon is one of the top tourist spots in the United States and on a yearly basis it’s visited by hundreds of thousands of people who are curious to see in person this wonderful natural formation that took shape over millions of years. However, besides this magnificent view, there are a lot more things you could do when coming here, so if you’re the adventurous type and would like to make the most of the time you spend here, then check out these following attractions.

Grand Canyon Railway

grand canyon railwayIn the past, people who wanted to visit the Grand Canyon would arrive here by train. Initially though, the railroad was designed for moving ore from the nearby mines, yet by nineteen oh one, visitors would be more than happy to take the train and pay 3.95 dollars over the 15 dollar, 8h ride from Flagstaff. The train ran for close to 70 years until the railway was closed in nineteen sixty eight.

That’s because by that time, the car became the best and most convenient way to travel. However, thanks to history-minded train enthusiasts, the line was revived in nineteen eighty nine. Tourists coming here to visit can ride to the S. Rim and back in the same day, but there’s also the option of booking an overnight package.

Grand Canyon Deer Farm

The deer farm at the Grand Canyon is a great place where those traveling with their kids are going to fully enjoy. The deer here have been raised from birth for such contact, so your kids are going to have quite a great time playing with them. There’s also a gift shop here that sells toys, gifts, home decor, jewelry and clothing.

Tusayan Museum and Ruin

tusayan museum and ruinThe Tusayan Museum allows visitors to get a glimpse into the Pueblo Indian village that was once a very thriving community. In the museum, you’ll be able to see displays of the village’s various household items, arrowheads, pottery and so on. You can also take the self-guided trailer in order to visit the nearby Tusayan Ruin, an eight hundred year old site. For those who are interested, ranger led run tours are available on a daily basis.

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

If you want to visit the Grand Canyon in the winter, then you’re going to have a wonderful time here. Not only will you be able to enjoy activities such as snowshoeing and cross country skiing, but also be able to admire the magnitude of the Grand Canyon from a quiet setting. Also, don’t worry about taking your own equipment with you, since you can rent ski equipment from nearby communities.

Guided Bus Tours

Taking a guided motor coach tour of the Grand Canyon is a great way to explore this amazing place. As you sit back, relax and take all the beauty of this place in, the guide is going to tell you everything you need to know about the canyon’s history. On top of that, the coach is also going to stop at various scenic viewpoints, so don’t forget to have your camera ready to take photos and even film short clips.

Rim Trail, Trail of Time

rim trailThe Rim Trail is a partially flat and paved route that begins at the village area and stretches all the way to Hermit’s Rest and is a great place you can explore on foot along the deep canyon, while taking amazing pictures of it and the seemingly bottomless abyss. Between the Yavapai Observation Station and the Verkamps Visitor Center, the Trial of Time covers one point three miles and it features big samples of the different types of rocks making up the Grand Canyon and interpretive signs.

Shoshone Point Hike

shoshone point hike grand canyonIf you don’t have time for a lengthy drive or walk, then this simple, two-mile round trip hike is definitely one you should consider. However, keep in mind that the picnic area at the point is usually reserved in full season, yet during the off-season, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy the area’s short trek and incredible views. It’s important to note that you cannot take advantage of the picnic facilities during the off-season.

While visiting the Grand Canyon is in itself a wonderful experience, you can make the most of the time you spend here by also checking out these incredible destinations. Don’t forget to ready your camera and certainly carry an extra battery with you!

Top 6 Incredible Places to Visit in Arizona

Grand Canyon CloudsIn general, when people think of Arizona, they think about marvelous land formations, such as mountains, cactus deserts, but also man-made attractions such as historic settlements, vibrant cities and esteemed museums. Ever since it was admitted as the forty eight state, Arizona has become one of the most important tourist destinations in the country and since it holds some of the most famous attractions in the world, including the Canyon de Chelly, the Grand Canyon and the Barringer Crater, that comes as no surprise at all. Therefore, if you’d like to come to Arizona and experience the best it has to offer, here are some of the best tourist destinations you should visit.